Yu Da
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Actor Daniel Park
Seen "Kung Fu Crabtree"
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relationships Wu Chang, student
Job Martial Artist

Yu Da was the blind martial arts master of Wu Chang, and was a political reformist on the run from the Chinese government.

Key Events

Yu Da is first mentioned by Wu Chang as his martial arts master who now lives in Toronto. A message supposedly from him had lured Wu Chang into the first attack, demonstrating he trusted his master greatly. Wu Chang also mentions he's trained under Yu Da for many years.

Yu Da meets Crabtree when he comes to his house looking for Wu Chang, and at first tries to hide his student from the constable. However, Crabtree realizes Yu Da is lying after he finds Wu Chang's chained nightsticks. Yu Da interrupts the argument between the two men by hearing three men approaching, showing remarkable hearing, and hides Crabtree and Wu Chang from the attackers. He's able to fend them off (despite his blindness) and instructs the pair to look through a trunk. Wu Chang finds the photograph of Yu Da, himself, his sister, and his father with the true emperor. Master and student then share how they were friends with the emperor, and believed in his political reform, but the Empress Dowager took over and began persecuting them. Wu Chang and Yu Da left China, but the Empress labelled the escaped reformists as Boxers to gain international help in killing her enemies.

Later on, Wu Chang, Crabtree, and Inspector Thomas Brackenreid return to discover Yu Da's body, having been brutally murdered.

Later, Sun Yang admits to killing Yu Da.