William-Enid Relationship
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Characters William Murdoch and Enid Jones
Nickname Wenid
Level Kissing
Status Ended


The William-Enid Relationship is the relationship between William Murdoch and Enid Jones. It was rather short, but a relationship no less. Some fans actually liked William and Enid together because of the fact Enid had a son Alwyn Jones, and William wants a family. Most fans didn't like them together, though, because Julia seemed like the One for Murdoch

Season 2

After William's breakup with Julia in Shades of Grey, he is single and ready to mingle. In I, Murdoch, when Alwyn reports of a giant robot by the river, that is when Murdoch first meets Enid. He takes a liking to her and in the five episodes she appears in, they briefly court. In Werewolves they break up because William admits that he still loves Julia, and thats's all we ever see of Enid.