Westbay Farrelly
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Actor Dave Sullivan
Seen Republic of Murdoch
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relationships Ezekiel Farrelly, relative
Job fisherman

West Bay Farrelly (first name unknown) is the main West Bay Farrelly who the police interact with. His complete loyalty to family is typical of his fellow Farrellys, both East and West Bay, and isn't above breaking the law if need be to protect his clan.


He first appears after William Murdoch rides to the West Bay docks to ask about Ezekiel Farrelly. After taking a drink, he questions Murdoch about why he's here. When the detective admits to be looking for Ezekiel, he quickly states "Zeke" Farrelly wasn't there.
By calling him by a nickname he gave away that he did know Ezekiel Farrelly well, and Murdoch continues to question him. Perturbed, he and the other Farrelly men there try to attack him, though Murdoch is able to escape with the help of Jacob Doyle.
When George Crabtree is sent in as bait, they talk in Newfoundland dialect and George claims to be an East Bay Farrelly with the linen map, willing to sell it for a fair price. The man invites him to drink first. The men party and get George so drunk he passes out. After he's done so, the Farrellys steal the linen map and give it to Ezekiel, while leaving George on the docks with his jacket wrapped in a fish as a mocking taunt.