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Webisode Guide
Murdoch Mysteries Webisodes Guide
Air Dates 2011 - Present
Murdoch Mysteries Webisodes are exclusive original online web series created as an extension of Murdoch Mysteries Seasons, starting with Season 4 (2011).

Season 4 Edit

The Curse of the Lost Pharaohs Edit

Season 5 Edit

The Murdoch Effect Edit

  • a six-part web series in which Detective Murdoch wakes up in the present day, with 21st century versions of the other main characters.

Season 6 Edit

Nightmare on Queen Street Edit

  • a 6 part interactive series in which the viewer is a Detective visiting Toronto. Still available at the CBC site to PLAY.

Season 8 and 9 Edit

The Infernal Device Edit

  • cast MM fans into detectives, through an engaging six part mystery including real-world events in Canada and the UK that bring the storyline to life in full turn-of-the-century detail. Still available at the CBC site to PLAY.

Murdoch Mysteries: On the Case Edit

  • Murdoch Mysteries: On the Case puts you into the role of an Investigator, helping Station House No. 4 solve a series of strange cases. When you open a new case, you'll see a video of Constable Crabtree where he'll give you an overview of the case. He's counting on you to lend your expertise to Station House 4 and help solve these cases: Follow Your Leads, Takes Notes, Discuss the Case with Other Investigators, Solve the Case! The cases are all unrelated and you can try as many or as few of them as you like. Still available at the CBC site to PLAY.

Season 10 Edit

Murdoch Mysteries: Beyond Time Edit

  • The new original online webisodes featuring the Constables and Rebecca James traveling through time, helping her get out of trouble in the modern day. Is time travel possible? And if it is, could it put the history of Canada and time itself at risk? Features Alan Doyle as a Professor of History first introduced in A Murdog Mystery. Available at the CBC site to PLAY

Other Games Edit

You may also be interested in the new Murdoch Mysteries Escape Series, immersive escape games for all ages, launched February 2017 in Toronto.

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