Walter Ayott
Walter Ayott
Actor Uncredited
Seen "The Glass Ceiling"
Gender Male
Status Deceased

Walter Ayott was a Toronto criminal. He was arrested for a crime by Thomas Brackenreid in approximately 1890, prosecuted by Percival Pollack and sentenced to a stint in the Don Jail by Judge Henry Scott.

Ayott and two accomplices later staged a jailbreak. During the escape, one of the three was killed and the body burned beyond recognition. The body was assumed to be that of Ayott but, in fact, Ayott escaped alive.

Later, Ayott was engaged by Dr. Gilbert Birkins to kill Percival Pollack. Ayott also took it upon himself to kill Henry Scott and threaten to kill Thomas Brackenreid. His weapon of choice was a stiletto knife.

Ayott was himself murdered by Dr. Birkins in an attempt to cover up the crimes.

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