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410 Voices 5
Season 4
Episode 10
Air date August 10, 2011
Written by Jean Greig
Directed by Gail Harvey
Guest Stars Michelle Nolden as Susannah Murdoch
Previous "The Black Hand"
Next "Bloodlust"

"Voices" is the tenth episode of the fourth season of the Murdoch Mysteries and the forty-ninth episode of the series. It first aired on August 10, 2011.

Summary Edit

At a cloister, a procession of nuns and initiates are carrying a coffin for burial, only to find a human hand sticking out of the intended grave. The constabulary is called and upon closer examination, Murdoch determines that the man in the grave was a priest. He then goes to interview the reverend mother, only to be shocked to discover that it is his own sister, Susannah. After Julia Ogden arrives and is introduced, she asks Murdoch why his sister not in the cloister in Montreal, like previously believed.

Murdoch goes up to Susannah's office and asks why she is in Toronto. She says that she was given dispensation to set up a convent in Toronto. When questioned about the priest's identity, she names him Father Logan, who had arrived from Halifax to hear confessions before going to Winnipeg. Murdoch tells her that the grounds had been thoroughly searched and there was no sign of an intrusion. Susannah insists there must be, certain that no one among the cloister could be capable of murder. Murdoch says he will have to confirm that and interviews all the nuns.

Back at Station House Four, Crabtree then informs them that Halifax has no record of a Father Logan. Furthermore, Julia's post-mortem of Logan determines that he was knocked out by two blows, one by a shovel, before being buried alive. Later digging determines his real name to be Tommy Tasker from Millbrook.

Murdoch returns to his office to find Brackenreid describing his night-vision gear to his confused sister, who asks why not simply use a lantern. She then informs him that Logan was an impostor, to which he replies that he had suspected as well. She brings Murdoch to Sister Catherine, a bedridden nun who claims that the angels told her what happened. Going to the garden where Catherine claimed the murder occurred, he and Crabtree find a crucifix, an emptied tin box and blood. Murdoch suspects Catherine of being involved, to which Susannah refutes that Catherine had been purposely going without food or water for some time, leaving her too frail to leave her bed.

Murdoch still remains skeptical that God would directly assist a murder investigation, to which Susannah takes offense, stating that they don't know God's priorities. Murdoch attempts to question Catherine but she suffers a seizure. As he sits down in her bed, he hears a female voice shouting, "Have you lost your faith, William?". He then finds a hole next to Catherine's bed, connected to a drainage system leading to the garden. He confirms his theory upon hearing Crabtree and Higgins in the garden and shows his sister the truth. Whatever the killer(s) were up to in the garden, their voices echoed through the pipes, which is how Catherine received her "heavenly messages". Knowing that these messages may be the key to solving the case, Murdoch requests to speak with Catherine. Susannah says that she is currently being nursed back to health, so she provides transcripts of the messages. Murdoch writes these down on his chalkboard back at the station house.

As a telegram from the Milbrook Constabulary arrives, they learn that Tasker was associated with a Billy Hoebin, who is currently a priest in Toronto. They bring Hoebin in, noting his flawed alibi and that he donated nearly a thousand dollars to the Milbrook church. Huben admits to having known Tasker when he was younger but hadn't seen him for years until he showed up in that grave. Murdoch then declares him under arrest. Susannah later arrives at his office, insisting that Hoebin is innocent as she claims responsibility for the murder. Though she describes it in great detail, Murdoch is not so convinced, and her lie is exposed when she declares that she checked for a pulse before burying him, which is a contradiction to the fact that Tasker was buried alive.

Looking over the messages again, he notes one - "My cross." He realizes that an Anglican would refer to a crucifix as such and the only Anglican in the cloister is Sister Theresa. He approaches her while she is reciting the Bible with Sister Bernadette, determining that she stole a worn crucifix from another sister. Bernadette confesses that that night, she came out the kitchen to find Tasker on top of Theresa, who claims that he was attempting to rape her. Bernadette hit him with the shovel but he just kept coming. Theresa then admits to having seemingly killing him with a stone angel. They then buried the body, assuming that everyone would think he left for Winnipeg. Bernadette ultimately confessed to Susannah about their crimes and the Reverend Mother chose to take the blame for it.

Susannah is released as Theresa and Bernadette are placed in a cell. Murdoch attempts to confront her but she responds that to protect the innocent is her duty. She then excuses herself to get lawyers for the two Sisters. Back in his office, Murdoch notes that it seemed odd that the two nuns would kill Tasker rather than run for help. Crabtree then comes in with Tasker's file sent from Milbrook. Looking through it, it turns out that Tasker was arrested for seduction. What's more curious are the names of the informant and the victim.

Theresa is brought into the Interview Room with Hoebin. Murdoch outlines from Tasker's file that Theresa was formerly named Mary Albert, the woman Tasker seduced. Hoebin tipped off the police to the crime of seduction, sending Tasker off to five years in jail, in hopes that Mary would fall for him. But she did not reciprocate, as she was madly in love with Tasker, so he left Millbrook for Toronto and became a religious priest. When Tasker was released, he escalated from petty theft to robbery, stealing a thousand dollars, with Mary by his side. The police then received an anonymous letter, enabling them to arrest Tasker, though Mary and the money disappeared. Brackenreid suggests the two of them tell the rest. Mary explains that Tasker abused her later on, so she left to find Hoebin, realizing she should've loved him and that he would take her in. Hoebin explains that he wrote to the Pope to be released from his holy vows, so he could marry Mary. However, Tasker tracked Mary down and appeared on the other side of the confession booth, wanting the money. Mary was going to give it to him, only to find the money missing from its intended hiding place. Tasker assumed he lied to her and attempted to kill her, had Bernadette not came to her rescue. Mary hit him over the head with the stone angel instead and fabricated the story of the attempted rape, knowing that Bernadette would not have helped her bury "Father Logan" in secrecy had she known of her past. Hoebin confesses that he took the money, to Mary's horror, wanting to absolve himself of his guilt. Mary gets angry with him, yelling that if he hadn't taken the money, then none of this would've happened.

As Mary Albert is incarcerated, Murdoch goes to visit his sister at the convent, wanting to reconcile with her. However, she tells him that she is returning to Montreal. Murdoch asks why she would do such a thing since they have just reconnected after 20 years, to which she answers that God is calling her home. Confused, Murdoch is then given the straight explanation that she is dying and her time is nearly up. As Murdoch's eyes well up in tears, Susannah asks for his forgiveness in her behaviour, which he forgives, and the two decide to pray.

Character Revelations Edit

  • Murdoch meets his sister after 20 years, having last seen her at the age of 14. She also addresses him as "Will" as opposed to William.
  • Their mother wanted William to become a priest.
  • William learns his sister is dying of a terminal illness.

Continuity Edit

  • William Murdoch's faith gives him strength in the face of great sadness.
  • Susannah asks her brother whether their father is still alive, to which he replies that he does not know as the last he saw of their father was two years ago out West.

Historical References Edit

  • Susannah scathingly questions who would believe a priest would commit a sexual assault, a subtle allusion to the priest molestation scandals.


  • This is the only episode so far that has not ended with the usual closing theme music.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Yannick Bisson as William Murdoch
Hélène Joy as Julia Ogden
Thomas Craig as Thomas Brackenreid
Jonny Harris as George Crabtree

Recurring Cast Edit

Lachlan Murdoch as Constable Henry Higgins

Guest Cast Edit

Michelle Nolden as Susannah Murdoch/Reverend Mother
Sebastian Pigott as Father William 'Billy' Hoebin
Katie Boland as Sister Theresa/Mary Albert
Tara Rosling as Sister Catherine
Kerri Smith as Sister Bernadette
Phyllis Ellis as Sister St. Anthony

Gallery Edit

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