"Toronto Gazette"
Toronto Gazette

The Toronto Gazette is Toronto's primary daily newspaper on Murdoch Mysteries. The newspaper is not only a popular press prop, it is used in support of the storyline, often giving clues and insights into solving the crime mysteries.

Inspector Thomas Brackenreid consulted the stock market listings in the Gazette during the investigation of the murder of Alice Howard in Power.

One of the Gazette's reporters, a Newsman Louis, was present at the boxing match between Amos Robinson and Bob Sullivan. Later, Louis helped Detective William Murdoch in his investigation into Robinson's murder by proving Murdoch with several photographic plates taken by the Gazette photographer that evening in The Knockdown.

American spy agent Allen Clegg poses as a reporter named Carson Turner for the Toronto Gazette in Confederate Treasure.

Until her death, Mary Foster contributed tantalizing puzzles to the Toronto Gazette each day in The Blood Code.

Season 10 introduces a new Gazette journalist, Miss Louise Cherry in Concocting A Killer, but by Season 10's finale, she is writing for the Toronto Free Press instead.

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  • The Toronto Gazette is a fictional newspaper. The name was also used in the Canadian television series, Seeing Things. The Globe and Mail was an active Toronto newspaper from 1844 and the Evening Star (now the Toronto Star) was founded in 1892. Neither of these names could be used on Murdoch Mysteries because of copyright.
  • One issue that bothers some MM fans is the use of photography, especially in the newspapers: they are shown way too clear for the technology (photo and printing) of the day. Showrunner Peter Mitchell acknowledges this and states, " We have some access to photos from the time (properly stored ones) and they are too good to use... the ones we use in newspapers (both the quality of image and the amount), for the interest of trying to quickly convey information to the viewer, we cheat that."

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  • Toronto Gazette Archival Footage
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