Til death toronto
Type City
Location Ontario, Canada

Toronto is a city in eastern Canada. It is the capital of the province of Ontario. Toronto is the location of most of the action in the Murdoch Mysteries.

It is often said that "Toronto is a Protestant city" (ep. 102), because the main religion in the city of Toronto is Protestant and the prejudice against Catholics still prevailed at the turn of the 20th century.

It was called "Toronto the Good" (ep. 710, ep. 907) for its history as a bastion of 19th century Victorian morality. This was coined by mayor William Holmes Howland. An 1898 book by C.S. Clark was titled Of Toronto the Good. A Social Study. The Queen City of Canada As It Is. Today, it is sometimes used ironically to imply a less-than-great or less-than-moral status of the city.

In the 1900s, Toronto's population was approximately 210,000 people, horses and carriages were still common on city streets, and the city suffered one of the worst fires in its history, losing almost all of the main commercial district (bounded by Bay, Wellington, Yonge, and Front Streets).

The following characters live in Toronto:


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