Thomas Edison
703 Thomas Edison
Actor David Storch
Seen The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch
High Voltage
Mentioned Power
Gender Male
Status Historical
Relationships Thomas Edison Jr, (Son)
Job Inventor

Thomas Edison is a world renowned inventor known a great many inventions, such as the light bulb or the talking dolls.

Appearance and Mentions

Power (mentioned)

Murdoch in Toyland (mentioned)

The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch

  • Edison came to Toronto to check if James Pendrick was using his patents in his film-projector. Just after the screening of Pendrick's sound-type movie, the audience discovered one of Pendrick's investors shot in the head. Pendrick was quick to accuse Edison, but Detective William Murdoch found it doubtful that he would be capable of murder.
  • When it was later determined that Pendrick was the intended target but the killer missed due to Pendrick moving his head during the performance, suspicion later fell on Edison, as Murdoch believed that since he studied the film, he would've known the exact moment to shoot, as a Wild West gunshot was part of the film. Edison insisted that he only studied the film a few time but not enough to commit the murder. And even if he wanted to kill Pendrick, it would be in a way no one would suspect. Murdoch later realized that it was Pendrick's assistant, who had been fired previously for copying one of Edison's patents, and had studied the film multiple times, intending to frame Edison for Pendrick's murder. After she was arrested, Edison was cleared of all charges. He offered Pendrick a partnership with men in Hollywood but Pendrick pridefully declined. Upset at his rejection, Edison promised Pendrick that his new Murdoch Mysteries film (coined by Crabtree), would never see the light of day.

High Voltage

Excitable Chap (mentioned)

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