1015 Themis
Actor Greta Onieogou
Seen Hades Hath No Fury
Gender Female
Status Alive

Themis is a member of the women's sanctuary at the Greenwood Estate in Rosedale, a place free of the unwelcome influence of the male sex in Season 10.

Appearances and Mentions

Hades Hath No Fury

  • Themis was meant to be married, but when her fiancé found out that "my mother was Algonquin and not her father's wife, he changed his mind".
  • Themis became "an unmarriageable burden". When the Great Toronto Fire happened, she was able to disappear in its chaos.
  • She met Muriel Bruce at St. Stephen-in-the-Fields and calls her a "beautiful angel of mercy" for bringing her to the safety of the sanctuary.



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