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The Star Room Theatre
917 The Star Room 1
Type Burlesque Hall
Location Toronto
First Appearance From Buffalo With Love

The Star Room Theatre is a notorious burlesque hall in Toronto, first introduced in From Buffalo With Love in the later half of Season 9 as a scene of a crime and full of suspects.

It is the workplace of Lydia Hall and Nina Bloom who is a featured and popular entertainer at the Star Room. George Crabtree confesses that he has gone off vaudeville to Murdoch, “A good burlesque can be just as entertaining as a good vaudeville.”  Much to both the Inspector’s and Murdoch’s concern and disapproval, it is revealed that Nina Bloom is the reason why George frequents the Star Room as Mr. Wednesday.

Appearances & Mentions Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Showrunner Peter Mitchell has stated at the top of Season 10, "What we’ve enjoyed about that is opening up that Star Room set to us. It allows us to have our cops, because they are red-blooded males, someplace to hang out and give us some visual colour. We get to use the burlesque routines as a bit of commentary on the show...which are just fun little bits and very much what burlesque vaudeville would have been at the time."

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