The Murdoch Appreciation Society (group)
The murdoch appreciation society
Category Organization (Fan club)
Character Owen Hume
Ruby Rosevear
Annie Cranston
Mrs. Dewar
Nigel Barnes
Episode The Murdoch Appreciation Society

The Murdoch Appreciation Society is a group of admirers who meet once every month to discuss the work of Detective William Murdoch.


  • Owen Hume - works for Randolph Sampson
  • Ruby Rosevear - waitress at Minnie's Tea Room
  • Annie Cranston - waitress at Minnie's Tea Room and a regular customer of Bel-Air Bookstore
  • Mrs. Dewar - an aging woman with excellent memory who works at a bookstore

Former Members

  • Nigel Barnes - a medical student who used to study under Dr. Dempsey but was expelled for hijinks.

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