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"The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch"
P MurdochM S7 Ep3 LARGE
Season 7
Episode 3
Air date October 14, 2013
Written by Peter Mitchell
Directed by Gail Harvey
Recurring Peter Stebbings as James Pendrick
Charlotte Sullivan as Charlotte (formerly Minerva Fairchild)
Previous Tour de Murdoch
Next Return of Sherlock Holmes

"The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch" is the third episode of the seventh season of the Murdoch Mysteries and the eighty-first episode of the series. It first aired October 14, 2013.

Summary Edit

The episode begins with Thomas Brackenreid, Emily Grace, William Murdoch and George Crabtree all entering a large theatre in which many people are already sitting down in. Emily comments that "this should be good." They find their seats and marvel at an unusual device they all have at their seats. Murdoch says that James Pendrick really wants to make a splash. George looks through the device curiously. Atop the theatre, Pendrick asks his assistant if everything is in order, and she confirms it is. Then Pendrick begins to argue with a man, who thinks that Pendrick has stolen his patents. Pendrick points out that his patents don't extend beyond the United States, and the man counters that some of them do. The man proceeds to ask if he could look at the sound and synchronization system, but Pendrick denies him the opportunity and tells him he has a show to put on. Pendrick is seen on stage, and tells the audience to prepare to be amazed. He explains the device, which turns out to be headphones, and shows them how to use them. The audience proceeds to put the headphones on. Pendrick finishes his speech and takes a seat. The curtain is drawn, and the video begins to play- but with sounds! The audience is amazed and Brackenreid remarks that the video was "Bloody good!" after it finishes. The audience claps and cheers, and then suddenly, a woman screams, and the man in the seat beside her is seen dead, apparently shot. Brackenreid booms out "Nobody move!" and the four rush over to investigate.

In the next scene, George tells everyone that they've been very patient and they'll be allowed to leave as soon as they can. Emily determines that the bullet didn't pass through his head. Murdoch determines that the bullet must have come from a certain direction. Murdoch calls for everyone who was sitting on the man's left side to come forward. Just them, Pendrick appears and says that there's no need for that and that he already knows who did it, and that he will fetch him. Pendrick grabs the man from the crowd and tells Murdoch that he has been trying to destroy Pendrick ever since he got into this buisness. Brackenreid asks for his name, and the man is in disbelief that he doesn't know his name. The man introduces himself as Thomas Edison, and Brackenreid's eyes go wide. Brackenreid calls Murdoch over, saying that there's someone he'd quite like to meet, and introduces him to Thomas Edison.¸ Murdoch is very astounded to meet him. He asks what Edison is doing here and Edison tells Murdoch that he enjoys a moving picture, even if the quality wasn't very good. Pendrick and Edison begin to argue. Edison tells Murdoch and Brackenreid that Pendrick is in violation of stealing his patents. Pendrick denies this, and then Edison leaves.  Murdoch asks if Pendrick knew the man, and he says that it was George Bailey. Pendrick leaves because he has another moving picture to film.

Brackenreid and George go off to look for the murder weapon. Murdoch turns around, and to his surprise, Julia Ogden is there. They talk about the moving picture, and Julia admits to studying the behavior of the audience rather than the movie. Murdoch asks her if she saw anything unusual, but Julia didn't. Emily comes over and the body is seen being taken out on a stretcher.

In the next scene, the body is seen in the morgue. George and Emily discuss the movie, while Murdoch watches them. Emily determines that the bullet wasn't shot at close range. Emily removes the bullet but Murdoch tells her they have yet to retrieve the murder weapon. Julia joins them then, with news on what she observed from the audience. She says that at some times, the audience was so convinced that what they were seeing was real, they'd turn their heads. Murdoch realizes that the killer may not have been where he thought they were.

Murdoch, Crabtree and Julia return to the theatre, and determine where the gun shot may have come from, with this new information. They find a bullet hole in the screen. Murdoch asks who was sitting in the front seats, and Crabtree says it was everyone who had contributed to the movie. They determine that the intended target for the shot was James Pendrick.

In the next scene, Murdoch and Crabtree are discussing the moving picture in the town when they come across a lady being pulled by two men. Murdoch and Crabtree intervene ("Unhand that woman!"), but they quickly learn that they had interrupted filming of the movie.  Pendrick comes over to Murdoch and they talk. Murdoch asks him why he was not in his seat during the film, and he says he returned to the projector. Murdoch tells him that he was the intended target, and immediately Pendrick accuses Edison of doing it. Charlotte (formerly Minerva Fairchild) comes over just then, asking if she can go for lunch now with James. Murdoch recognizes her ("Fairchild...Minerva?") but she tells him that she goes by Charlotte now. A man named Wallace comes over and tries talking to Charlotte, but she tells him that they are through, and then Wallace punches Pendrick in the face after he tries to defend Charlotte.  Murdoch takes Wallace away, and Charlotte and Crabtree talk briefly before Murdoch calls Crabtree over.

Back at the Station House, Murdoch is interviewing Wallace, who claims he didn't commit the murder because he was at the university that night. Murdoch suggests that getting Charlotte back could have been a motive, but Wallace says he wouldn't kill someone over her. Murdoch is still not convinced that Wallace didn't shoot Mr. Bailey and tells him to start preparing an alibi.

Brackenreid tells James Pendrick "I do believe I may have misjudged you James." Murdoch soon comes in and finds out that Pendrick is going to be filming at Station House No. 4. The Inspector tells Murdoch that they won't get involved in the investigation.

Character Revelations Edit

Continuity Edit

Historical References Edit

  • Thomas Edison was a prolific inventor who accumulated 2,332 patents in his life time, and serves to reason he'd be very protective of them.
  • Thomas tries to bribe Pendrick into moving out to West California with him and other filmmakers to start a film industry, referencing the beginnings of Hollywood.
  • Pendrick's vision of sound and moving pictures as the future would be proven as the film industry progressed.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode has the longest title with 50 characters. Ironically, this is mentioned near the end where George Crabtree suggests shortening the name to The Murdoch Mysteries
  • The actors who play James Pendrick (Peter Stebbings) and Charlotte (Charlotte Sullivan) are married in real life as well as being a couple on screen.
  • This is the episode that James Pendrick smiles the most, this might be due to the fact that his wife appears in this episode with him.

Errors Edit

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Yannick Bisson as William Murdoch
Hélène Joy as Julia Ogden
Thomas Craig as Thomas Brackenreid
Jonny Harris as George Crabtree
Georgina Reilly as Emily Grace

Recurring CastEdit

Peter Stebbings as James Pendrick
Charlotte Sullivan as Charlotte (formerly Minerva Fairchild)

Guest CastEdit

David Storch as Thomas Edison
Gregg Lowe as Gregory Skinner
Jefferson Brown as Lincoln Prescott
Michael Healy as Alphonse
Trish Lidstrom as Eleanor Grimes
Mark McGrinder as Propsmaster
Kevin Dowse as Gunman
Ben Irvine as Wallace

Uncredited CastEdit

Gallery Edit

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