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"The Accident"
1107 The Accident
Season 11
Episode 1107
Air date November 13, 2017
Written by Mary Pedersen
Directed by Alison Reid
Guest Stars David Hewlett as Dilton Dilbert
Elise Bauman
Previous 21 Murdoch Street
Next Brackenreid Boudoir

"The Accident" is the seventh episode of the eleventh season and the one hundred-fifty-seventh of the Murdoch Mysteries series. It first aired on November 13, 2017.


Murdoch investigates a car accident and uncovers sinister motives and a life or death case that must be solved.

A morning traffic accident involving multiple vehicles and victims must be solved posthaste (in real time). City Record's Mr. Dilton Dilbert suffers life-threatening injuries when a motorcar collides with Todd and Sons Toronto Tour carriage. Detective Murdoch's investigation reveals sinister motives and a case that must be solved before Dilbert dies.

Character Revelations

  • When his friend Tom Brackenreid says "some people are daft as muck", Mr. Dilbert tells him that his father used to say the same - being from Yorkshire.
  • Before becoming manager of City Records, it was Dilton's job to file death certificates, putting them all in their correct places. He confesses the he didn't think about their lives.
  • Detective Watts appears to be taken, somewhat awkwardly, by pretty Nurse Liston.


  • Constable Crabtree discusses robots with Murdoch and Watts which leads to his coming up with "...robot constable, robo-copper..."
  • When a metal cutter is needed, George sends a lad to Bloom and Crabtree's to find Sam Bloom to provide one.
  • When Louise Cherry informs George that she is tired of apologising for doing her job (as the reporter for the Toronto Telegraph), George tells her to "stop taking photos of a man who is having the worst day of his life" and find some way of helping instead.
  • The Tipsy Ferret has a barmaid, Miss Quigg.
  • This episode reveals visual evidence of the expanding growth and prosperity of Toronto the Good.

Historical References

  • Mention of the largest distiller in Canada, Gooderham & Worts, and Gooderham Building being a flatiron building.
  • There were no automobile driving regulations at the time, so one could drive at any age, and there was no protocol for handling traffic accidents.


  • Recurring cast member David Hewlett, who plays Dilton Dilbert, calls this one the 'hood ornament episode'.
  • Angela Vint returns as Mildred Ash; she was first seen in Victor, Victorian as Miriam Winters.
  • Showrunner Peter Mitchell has been teasing that this episode will have the MM fandom crying.
  • This episode combines two unique elements: Like a 'bottle episode', it is confined to one location and the action is in real time. The short timeline is not like Murdoch Mysteries normal plot line pacing.
  • MM Writer Mary Pedersen was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Rope and the TV episode Subway from Homicide: Life on the Street.
  • Nicastro's Butcher's delivery boy, Artie, is played by Thamela Mpumlwana who is also Trudy Clarke's younger brother Jacob in Frankie Drake Mysteries. This episode aired the same night as Jacob's first appearance in Ladies In Red.
  • As Detective Murdoch looks at what happened in the accident he discovers a strap was used to restrain the driver. He describes what will be eventually be called a seatbelt injury. When a person wearing a seatbelt is thrust forward during impact the seatbelt can cause injuries to the abdomen area. The seatbelt was invented by a French engineer in the 1880's but not put into production until the 1950's.
  • Showrunner Peter Mitchell has been teasing MM Fans that they will have cause to cry in Season 11; this is the episode.
  • While there may be a similarity to the plot of Akira Kurosawa's film "Ikiru", it was not a reference film for the MM Writers' Room (see episode writer Mary Pedersen's note above).



Main Cast

Yannick Bisson as Detective William Murdoch
Hélène Joy as Dr. Julia Ogden
Thomas Craig as Inspector Thomas Brackenreid
Jonny Harris as Constable George Crabtree

Recurring Cast

Daniel Maslany as Detective Watts
Charles Vandervaart as John Brackenreid
David Hewlett as Dilton Dilbert
Bea Santos as Louise Cherry

Guest Cast

Ian Lake as Mr. Flannery
Angela Vint as Mildred Ash
Elisa Bauman as Abigail Liston
Tony Nappo as Mr. Hubert
Roger Dunn as Mr. Todd
Kirsten Johnson as Miss Quigg
Thamela Mpumlwana as Artie
Emily Nixon as Mrs. Sommer
Nicholas Fry as Urchin

Non-credited Cast


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