Stella Smart
Body double stella smart
Actor Kate Trotter
Seen "Body Double"
Gender Female
Status Living, arrested
Relationships Virgil Smart (first husband)
Arthur Wellesley (second husband)
Job Actress

Stella Smart was an actress and co-owner with her late husband of the Grand Theatre.


Stella discovered her late husband in a romantic tryst with the younger actress, Ellen Granger, and killed him in anger. However, with Virgil dead, there was a threat that the theatre might be lost. To prevent this, Smart's fellow cast mates Granger, David Martin and Arthur Wellesley assisted her in hiding the crime.

Smart later married Arthur Wellesley but kept her first husband's surname. She continued to own and operate the Grand Theatre.

Smart enjoyed the praises and admiration poured on her by Inspector Thomas Brackenreid. At the time of Virgil's murder, the cast was involved in a production of Macbeth in which Smart played Lady Macbeth. When she and Brackenreid met she was playing the same character again.