Sophia Chaucer
Bad medicine 10
Seen "Bad Medicine"
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Relationships Richard Binney (fiance)

Sophia Chaucer was a champion archer from Toronto. She was engaged to be married to Richard Binney.

Chaucer suffered from epilepsy and was a patient of Dr. Burrit Greyson's at the Greyson Institute. Dr. Greyson moved Chaucer to a private residence, Wykeham Lodge, where he performed a risky and untested surgery on her brain. The result was that Chaucer lost absolutely all of her memory. She later died in a suspicious fire that burned down the lodge.

Chaucer's fiance was outraged and vowed vengeance upon Greyson and his colleague, Dr. Francis Grout. He disguised himself as a stroke victim and admitted himself to the Greyson Institute. He then murdered Dr. Grout, a nurse named Katherine Barrington and a patient named Andrew Nesbitt. He attempted to murder Detective William Murdoch and Sarah Pensell and would also have murdered Dr. Greyson had he not been apprehended.


  • Chaucer is seen only in a newspaper photo and the actress photographed is not credited.

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