Simon Brooks
Screenshot (48)
Actor Percy Hynes White
Seen "On the Waterfront Part 1"
"On the Waterfront Part 2"
"High Voltage"
"Election Day"
"Artful Detective"
"Nolo Contendere"
Gender Male
Age 11
Status Alive
Relationships Edna Brooks (née Garrison) (stepmother)
Archibald Brooks, (father)

Simn Brooks is the stepson of Edna Brooks and the son of Archibald Brooks.

Appearances and Mentions

In "On the Waterfront Part 1", Simon was arrested by Crabtree for stealing a man's pocket watch. After he was brought home, Crabtree realized that his stepmother was his former love interest Edna Brooks (née Garrison), and covered for his crime. Though Edna didn't believe George, she allowed Simon to go get something to eat. The fact she didn't believe George's story implies Simon is a mischievous boy who regularly gets into trouble.

Over the course of the Season 8, Simon builds a rapport with George, who will eventually propose to his step-mother. He confesses to George that he knows his father will not return from the Boer War, because he spied his mother getting a letter that made her cry. Their happiness at becoming a family is shattered when his father returns. Archibald begins abusing Edna, then his dead body is discovered among the murder victims by Dr. Grace in the finale of Season 8. George is arrested and charged with murder.

In "Nolo Contendere", Simon and his stepmother Edna are living in a secret location George gave them so that they wouldn't be questioned about Archibald Brooks' murder. Simon is eventually interviewed at Station House 4, along with Edna, and it is revealed Simon accidentally shot Archibald, and intentionally lies about his killer, pinning it on one of his fellow soldiers upon spotting his own scarf that George gave him and when Brackenreid was staring intently on one of the photos. When his mother realized he is lying, they both go on the run following George's exoneration at the end of Season 9's opening episode.