Sherlock Holmes
Seen "A Study in Sherlock"
"Return of Sherlock Holmes"
Mentioned "Elementary, My Dear Murdoch"
"Belly Speaker"
Gender Male
Status Alive
Job Private Detective

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Inspector Thomas Brackenreid was a great fan of Sherlock Holmes. When Arthur Conan Doyle visited Toronto to lecture on Spiritualism, Brackenreid told Doyle about a visit he made to an uncle's home in the Scottish highlands. He suggested a new Sherlock story entitled "Hell Hounds of the Highlands" ("Elementary, My Dear Murdoch").

Arthur Conan Doyle returned to Toronto some months later and informed Detective William Murdoch that he was struggling to bring a new Sherlock Holmes story to life. Eventually, Doyle did decide to use Brackenreid's Hell Hounds story as the basis for a new Holmes tale ("Belly Speaker").

David Kingsley suffered from the delusion that he was Sherlock Holmes ("A Study in Sherlock") and returned in Return of Sherlock Holmes to help with a case.


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