Scrutiny Camera
403 Gazette Scrutiny Camera
Inventor William Murdoch
First Appearance Buffalo Shuffle

The Scrutiny Camera is an automatic surveillance camera used to trap all kinds of criminals over the seasons.

In Buffalo Shuffle , Detective Murdoch makes Toronto Gazette headlines again for his use of a new device he’s invented: "Station House No. 4 is the pride of Toronto. Detective William Murdoch, the inventive and has deployed a device he calls 'the scrutiny camera' to catch a jewel thief in the act, " reads aloud Inspector Brackenreid, "The remarkable camera can take photographs at night without a flash," said Station House No. 4's Inspector Thomas Brackenred..." 

"Brackenred! "  The Inspector turns to Crabtree, "Get me that reporter Paddy Glynn on the phone. I want my name spelt correctly by the afternoon edition!"

Appearance and Mentions

The Kissing Bandit (412)

Stroll on the Wild Side (Part 1) (507)

Murdoch on the Corner (603)

The Ghost of Queen's Park (607)


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