Sam Carr
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Actor Rainbow Francks
Seen "The Death of Dr. Ogden"
Gender Male
Status Living
Relationships Single
Job Janitor At the Westerly Club

Sam Carr is an African-Canadian janitor at the Westerly Club.

Key Events

"The Death of Dr. Ogden"

Sam Carr first appears being questioned by Constable Crabtree on when he discovered the body of Mr. Oliver Hoyle at the Westerly Club. Afterwards he excuses himself to complete his duties. A little later, as Mr. Carr is sweeping up the ashes in the fireplace. Inspector Brackenreid and Detective Murdoch ask him if he saw an answer written on the puzzle-solving chalkboard that morning, and he replies in the negative. At first, Sam Carr was not a suspect in Oliver Hoyle's murder, with the Inspector focusing on the rich members of the puzzle fraternity. Later however, Inspector Brackenreid discovers the answer to the puzzlers' current puzzle inside Oliver Hoyle's notebook. However, the handwriting was different, meaning that someone else had solved the puzzle inside the notebook. Inspector Brackenreid then realizes that none of the fraternity could have killed Oliver Hoyle in the timeframe they have of the murder, but Sam Carr could have. Nevertheless, Sam Carr reveals that he actually has solved the last three puzzles, and didn't have a motive for murder.

After the murderer is caught, Mr. Carr is last seen talking to Constable Crabtree, who expresses his amazement at his cleverness and says there may be a more suitable position for someone with his talents. However, Mr. Carr points out that no one pays money for solving puzzles. He bids Constable Crabtree good day, and exits the police station.