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Sally Pendrick
Sally Pendrick
Actor Kate Greenhouse
Seen "This One Goes to Eleven"
"Future Imperfect"
"In the Altogether"
"The Tesla Effect"
Gender Female
Status Living, on the run
Relationships James Pendrick, ex-husband
Job Con artist

Sally Pendrick (aka Sally Hubbard) was a wealthy woman living in Toronto. She is the wife of James Pendrick, and is currently on the run.

Key EventsEdit

"This One Goes to Eleven"Edit

Sally Pendrick and her husband held a gathering to display Bathsheba at Her Bath by Rembrandt, which she had purchased. The painting was stolen as it was being taken to storage by the elevator. Murdoch recovered the painting (along with the scheme behind it to sell frauds), and was about to find out who the thief's employer was, but the thief was shot dead by Mr. Pendrick before he could find out. This is the main reason Murdoch begins to suspect Mr. Pendrick is the mastermind behind the criminal plan.

"Future Imperfect"Edit

Sally Pendrick invites Murdoch to attend a meeting of the Eugenics Society, where H.G. Wells is the prominent guest speaker.

"In the Altogether"Edit

Sally Pendrick admits to posing for photos with important men in compromising positions when she was younger. Now Mr. McTavish, the photographer, is blackmailing her. Murdoch accompanies her to a meeting with Mr. McTavish, with hopes of catching him, but instead a bomb explodes, nearly killing Mrs. Pendrick and Murdoch. Mr. McTavish is found to be inside, but had been dead before the bomb went off. Mrs. Pendrick is later witness to Murdoch arresting her husband for supposedly making the bomb and attempting to kill her.

"The Tesla Effect"Edit

With her husband in jail for the attempted murder of herself, Mrs. Pendrick appears to be attempting to run Mr. Pendrick's business empire, with little success. When a man killed by microwaves appears, evidence points to Mr. Pendrick financing and aiding in the building of this weapon. As Murdoch attempts to find the weapon with the help of Mr. Tesla, Mr. Pendrick escapes prison and confronts Murdoch at his house. However, both men realize they've been played as Mrs. Pendrick's metal purse has become magnetized, and a side effect of being close to the microwave machine is that any metal nearby becomes highly magnetized. Mrs. Pendrick has been the one behind the strange going ons connected to the Pendricks, and Murdoch and Mr. Pendrick rush to try and stop her and her accomplice, Josef Karnaki, from transporting the weapon away. In the ensuing chaos, it's revealed that Sally Pendrick is actually Sally Hubbard, a confidence woman. She shoots her husband with no remorse, and attempts to get away on horse-drawn transportation. However, Murdoch pursues her with a special microwave shield so when Mr. Karnaki attempts to shoot him, Murdoch frees his horse, and the shield reflects the microwave beam back at Mr. Karnaki and the weapon, destroying both of them. However, Mrs. Pendrick's body isn't found, presumably meaning she's escaped once more.

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