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Sally Pendrick
Sally Pendrick
Actor Kate Greenhouse
Seen "This One Goes to Eleven"
"Future Imperfect"
"In the Altogether"
"The Tesla Effect"
Gender Female
Status Living,presumably on the run
Relationships James Pendrick, husband

Sally Pendrick was a wealthy woman living in Toronto.

Key EventsEdit

"This One Goes to Eleven"Edit

Pendrick and her husband held a gathering to display Bathsheba at Her Bath by Rembrandt, which she had purchased. The painting was stolen as it was being taken to storage. The painting was recovered.

"Future Imperfect"Edit

Sally was also the master mind of the art theft.

"In the Altogether"Edit

===When her husband is placed in jail for killing a man using microwaves, Murdoch finds himself at the Pendrick house quite often and becomes taken with Sally whom we know he already has an interest in. When he discovers her as the mastermind it provides an interesting twist especially since when we find out what she did.

"The Tesla Effect"Edit

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