Sadie Hopkins
Screenshot (93)
Seen A Midnight Train to Kingston
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Finn Hopkins, son

Sadie Hopkins is a passenger on the train with her son Finn. She was later wounded by James Gillies.


Sadie first appears while looking for her son after the murder, acting desperate and worried. After the constables find her son, Finn falls asleep while Sadie keeps watch over the proceedings with a nervous eye.

Suddenly, after James Gillies breaks free, he takes her hostage. She explains she went to the back because he "poisoned" her son. However, Murdoch theorizes that she was in on James Gillies' scheme, and warned her that Gillies would kill her whether they escaped or not. However, Sadie is stabbed in the chest as Gillies takes flight. Julia Ogden tries to minister to her, but it's unknown whether she survived such a direct blow to her body.

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