Rose Maxwell
Rose Maxwell
Actor Emma Campbell
Seen "Friday the 13th, 1901"
The Incurables
Gender Female
Status Alive, Institutionalized
Relationships Beast of a Man, adopted brother
Lavinda, Diane, Josephine, victims
Cedric Maxwell, brother
Job unknown

Rose is one of Julia Ogden and Emily Grace's friends who turns out to be a cold-blooded sequential murderer and is now institutionalized.


When the island was bought by Rose Maxwell's family, they found a child Beast of a Man and they took him in at a young age. However, Rose resented both him and her parents for ruining their family. She murdered her parents and blamed the killings on him. Rose raised her infant brother, Cedric, making the "perfect" family in her eyes, knowing no one would believe Beast of a Man was innocent.

Many years later, Rose saw another threat to her perfect family when Lavinda became engaged to her brother. She planned a cunning plot to take the bachelorette party to the same island where her parents died, murder them each in turn, and once again blame the deaths on Beast of a Man.

She was arrested after she passed out during a fight with Julia and Emily while trying to murder them. She was then promptly arrested by the authorities.

It was later revealed that Rose was sent to an insane asylum, where it was suspected she had killed a nurse. However, it turned out to be a plot orchestrated by Eva Pearce, as she manipulated the security guard into killing her, thus forcing an investigation into their ward. Rose was restrained in a straitjacket, but once freed she attempted to kill Julia with a pipe. Julia was able to knock her out and she was locked up again.

Character Revelation

  • Rose only wanted to murder the members of the bachelorette party because they congratulated Lavinda for being engaged to Cedric.


  • Her unnamed father (Chopped off head and stuck it on a pole)
  • Her unnamed mother (Axed the body into two pieces)
  • Lavinda (Slashed on the back with an axe)
  • Diane (Axed similarly to Lavinda, tied to a chair in the woods)
  • Emily (Attempted, intercepted by Beast of a Man)
  • Josephine (Decapitated and placed head on a silver platter)
  • Julia (Attempted)

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