Roderick Grimesby
Belly speaker roderick grimesby
Actor Duncan McLeod
Seen "Belly Speaker"
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relationships Harcourt Grimesby (son)
Mycroft Grimesby (son)

Roderick Grimesby was an alcoholic Torontonian. He and his wife had twin sons: Harcourt and Mycroft. At the time, he could not afford to support two children. He kept Harcourt and gave Mycroft up.

When Harcourt was about ten years old, Mycroft located the family. Mycroft murdered his brother and assumed his identity. He lived with his father for some time. Years later, Mycroft murdered his father by forcing him to drink cheap varnish.

Detective William Murdoch discovered the truth about the murder but Mycroft disappeared and did not pay for his crime.

In his later years, Grimesby had been having an affair with a neighbour's wife, Emmy Paulk.


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