Robert Perry
Actor Marc Bendavid
Seen "Big Murderer on Campus"
Mentioned "Murdoch in Toyland"
"The Devil Inside"
Gender Male
Status Deceased (Decapitated)
Job Student

Robert Perry was a college student who conspired with a classmate, James Gillies, to murder a professor, apparently for the sole purpose of testing a theory of physics.


Perry and Gillies were both highly intelligent and keenly interested in physics. They schemed together to test out a theoretical murder method to challenge their mental power. Once successful, they were attending class with other university students when Murdoch first arrived. Both men were a little disturbed, but they were able to weasel their way into the investigation, asking to follow Murdoch around.

As the detective began to suspect the students, the officers were unable to connect them to any evidence, leaving the law enforcement to make their own plans. Correctly deducing that Perry was weaker than Gillies, they tricked him into believing his friend was attempting to kill him for his knowledge of the murder. Desperate to apparently save himself, Perry confessed to the crime, naming Gillies as his partner. When the ruse was revealed, Perry was shocked, and the two were promptly arrested.

In the episode "Murdoch in Toyland", it is revealed that he was only incarcerated for two years in exchange for testimony on Gillies. When Gillies himself escaped from prison, he kidnapped Robert Perry and killed him in a horrific manner, decapitating him with a fine-toothed saw while Perry was still alive, possibly as revenge for turning on him. Gillies then left Perry's body to be found by Murdoch.