Reginald Pullen
Screenshot (76)
Actor Allan Cooke
Seen Victoria Cross
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Master Corporal Reginald Pullen was a former soldier in the British army who was awarded the Victoria Cross for saving several soldiers in the middle of battle, including future Inspector Thomas Brackenreid, with whom he would become good friends. After the war, he turned to a life of petty crime, getting his award stripped for dishonourable conduct, and was imprisoned. Five months away from freedom, he was strangled to death in his cell after having asked to see his old friend again.

During his incarceration, he was fed a fake eye belonging to a former inmate by Nathan Turnblow.

Sometime after his death, Inspector Brackenreid sent a letter to his Royal Highness on behalf of the late Pullen, asking for Pullen's Cross to be reinstated after being informed that the Prince of Wales was reported saying that any man who wins the Victorian Cross should keep it, even if he is to be hanged.

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