Randall Townsend
Randall Townsend
Actor Gabriel Hogan
Seen "The Great Wall"
Gender Male
Status Deceased (Hanged)
Job Former Constable

Randall Townsend was a constable assigned to Station Five.


Townsend and his partner Curtis Cooper were extorting money from the people of Chinatown. He was racist and narrow-minded about them, although it's unknown if Cooper felt the same way.

After raping Mai-Li, Townsend found himself being confront at the bar by Constable Cooper. Drawing him outside, the two began to argue, and he accidentally pushed him into some glass, causing a gaping wound in his leg. Using his shoe lace as a tourniquet, he tried to save him, but Cooper died.

Now desperate to save his own skin, he staged a crime scene and planted Cooper's watch in Feng Choy's shop. When William Murdoch came to investigate, he tailed him (along with Constable Holder) to see how close Murdoch was coming to find him. At the celebration of the police games Murdoch publicly confronted him and accused him of murdering his partner; He also brought Mai-Li (who pointed to Townsend as the one who had raped her). His superior demanded to know if it was true, to which Townsend tried to justify both the murder and the rape to his police comrades. Unfortunately for Townsend, the other officers (even the racist Constable Holder) were openly disgusted to the point that his superior told Murdoch and Brackenreid to take him away.

Townsend was arrested and will likely be hanged for murder and framing.