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Poor Tom Is Cold
Poor tom is cold
Number 2 of 3
Air date September 12, 2004
Written by Janet MacLean
Maureen Jennings (novel)
Directed by Michael DeCarlo
Starring Peter Outerbridge
Colm Meaney
Keeley Hawes
Matthew MacFadzean
Previous Except the Dying
Next Under the Dragon's Tail

This is the film version of the book and not part of the Murdoch Mystery TV series.


Constable Oliver Wicken (Philip Graeme) is found dead, in the basement of an abandoned house, shot through the head. While the rest of the police department believes he committed suicide, William Murdoch (Peter Outerbridge) thinks otherwise and sets out to prove that his friend and protégé was murdered.

While investigating Wicken's death, Murdoch comes across some interesting facts the late constable had kept hidden. He discovers that Wicken was secretly engaged and had been working closely with a mysterious blond woman before his death.

Murdoch uses new but unproven technique called "fingerprinting", to get fingerprints off the gun. With the help of Dr. Odgen, Murdoch proves that Wicken was actually murdered and catches the killer.


Main Cast

Peter Outerbridge as Detective William Murdoch
Colm Meaney as Inspector Brackenreid
Keeley Hawes as Dr. Julia Ogden
Flora Montgomery as Bernadette "Ettie" Weston
Matthew MacFadzean as George Crabtree

Supporting Cast

Sean Sullivan as Jarius Gibb
Deborah Pollitt as Augusta Curran
John Gilbert as Eakins
Tseng Chang as Sam Lee
Colin Glazer as Peter Curran
Kathleen Munroe as Mrs. Eakins
Jessica Greco as Maryanne Trowbridge / Trotter
Philip Graeme as Oliver Wicken
Joe Pingue as Professor Otranto
Anne Ross asIsobel Brewster
Doreen Brownstone as Beatrice Kitchen
Victor Cowie as Arthur Kitchen
Christopher Redman as Dr. McBride
Wayne Nicklas as Franz Lieman
Lynne Griffin as Mrs. Wicken
Albert Chung as Foon Lee

Other Cast

Tom Anniko as Chief Coroner
Mike Bell as Police Photographer
Laina Hughes as Eakins' Maid
Pauline Broderick as Asylum Matron
Jean McIntyre as Maryanne's former employer
David Stuart Evans as Constable (as David Evans)
Peter Bailey as Piano Player
CindyMarie Small as Liza (as Cindy Marie Small)
Tara Birtwhistle as Dancer
Nicolette Rieger as Dancer (as Nicolette Joy Rieger)
Lindsay Nelko as Dancer
Shannon Mahussier as Dancer


Historical References

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