Category Organization Agency
Character Thomas Brackenreid
Mentioned Let Loose the Dogs
Summer of '75

Pinkerton's, founded as the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, is a private security guard and detective agency established in the United States by Allan Pinkerton in 1850. Soon after his legendary detective agency was established, Canadians began seeking their services.

The agency's work on behalf of Canadian governments and police forces, during the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century included hunting down legendary train robber Bill Miner in the woods of British Columbia, infiltrating German spy rings during World War I, helping future Prime Minister John A. Macdonald to fend off the Fenian raids, and tracking down the Reno Brothers in Windsor, Ontario.

Inspector Thomas Brackenreid mentioned Pinkerton's as an alternative to Detective William Murdoch when Murdoch was reluctant to investigate the murder of John Delaney because his father was a suspect in "Let Loose the Dogs".

Appearances & Mentions

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