Phillip Delaney
Let loose phillip delaney
Actor Dylan Taylor
Seen "Let Loose the Dogs"
Gender Male
Status Living
Relationships John Delaney (father)

Phillip Delaney worked for Vincent Newcombe at the Manchester Terrier, where he cleaned the kennels and helped care for the dogs that were used in ratting matches.

Appearances and Mentions

Phillip was a slow person; he didn't speak until he was 12 years-old. His father, John Delaney, was not patient with him. In fact, Phillip recalled that his father had called him "stupid." Detective William Murdoch described Phillip as an idiot savant. Phillip did not have a facility with language but he had an impeccable memory for numbers and time.

Phillip had a good relationship with another employee, Jess Lacey. Lacey was kind to him and tried to look out for his well-being. When Phillip witnessed his father rape Lacey, he murdered him. Murdoch uncovered the truth and Phillip was arrested, but the Toronto Gazette got wind of the fact that the murder was done in defence of Lacey. Dr. Julia Ogden speculated that this might save Phillip from the death sentence.

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