Peter Mitchell is the award winning showrunner for Murdoch Mysteries and producer of more than 47 episodes. He known for Forever Knight (1992), The Campbells (1986), Cold Squad (1998) and Murdoch Mysteries (2008).

Mitchell started out in the industry as a production assistant, the general gofer guy, for one season then moved into the writing department fairly quickly once he got his foot in the door. He took one television writing course at York University for a semester. His instructor was in the business at CTV and he got him a gig.

Peter Mitchell on creating and writing for MM: "A season is three acts and we go into it with Act 1 and Act 2 planned and then, generally, things that happen in the first bit of the season helps inform us how we’re going to end it because things come up, you know."

His motto: "not assume there will be another season" so if they, the MM writers, have a good idea they should go ahead and do it. When asked 'What comes first, the plot device or the story?' He replied, "The story always comes first".

Since Mitchell took over as showrunner, he has typically directed the last episode block on Murdoch Mysteries (they tend to shoot in blocks of two), and traditionally schedules an easy last day to allow cast and crew to wind down.

Peter Mitchell won the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards' Best Writing in a Dramatic Program or Limited Series for A Merry Murdoch Christmas. Murdoch Mysteries has been nominated 11 times but never for writing – and getting the award for most viewership is more important than anything else to him.



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  • “We don’t grab people when they are living the cynical part of their lives, says Mitchell.