Peter Milne
Peter Milne
Seen "War on Terror"
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Shop Owner

Peter Milne is the owner of a Toronto antiquities shop in War on Terror.


Being a competitor of a rival shop owned by Angus Trout, Milne soon drove Trout out of business. Trout then became an alcoholic and frequently comes by to hector Milne. Milne was not popular with his neighbours, who call him unsanitary, or his workers, being loose on their wages. His landlord, Michael Decker, attempted to evict Milne, but the latter instilled legal briefs to prevent that.

In 1899, Milne's shop was bombed. As later interviewed by Detective William Murdoch, Milne admitted that he knew not who would do this.

Even with his shop Milne later spotted Constable George Crabtree taking a stroll with Dr. Emily Grace, and called on him, asking why he was not chasing down the anarchists suspected of bombing his shop. Crabtree claimed that the investigation was still on-going, but Milne rudely calls Grace a "trollop", provoking her. Crabtree prevents the two from coming to blows and as they depart his presence, he warned Milne to watch his manners in the future.

Crabtree later found evidence that Decker was the culprit, due to the fact that he had sold his building to the Dominion Bank, but Milne refused to leave, so Decker bombed his own shop before the sale closed. ("War on Terror")

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