Pendrick FLASH
1110 FLASH!
Inventor James Pendrick
First Appearance F.L.A.S.H.!

The Pendrick FLASH is an invention created by James Pendrick, introduced in Season 11 of Murdoch Mysteries.

F.L.A.S.H., or FLASH, is an acronym for Frictionless, Levitated, Accelerated, Subsurface, Hyper-train. His test vehicle is called the 'sled'.

Speed, the inverse relationship between distance and time. Since the dawn of the machine age, man has sought to increase one at the expense of the other. To do that, we needed the power to accelerate. But we encountered a limit – friction, the point where the wheel meets the rail. But if we were to lift the train by the force of magnetic repulsion and drive it forward by means of induction, then the only friction one would encounter would be the wind. And if we were to take that out, our speed could be infinite!

And as Dr. Ogden points out to Murdoch, “He’s talking about a vacuum”, one large enough for an adult human like their murder victim.

Appearances and Mentions


  • James Pendrick returns to Toronto with another invention, looking for investors.
  • The Pendrick FLASH would allow for a comfortable ride from New York to London in one hour, built from fifty thousand sections of cast aluminum (airless tubes) and held in place by cables secured to the ocean floor.
  • Once again, Murdoch’s investigation leads him to Pendrick and his new laboratory on Toronto Island.



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