Olivia Cornell
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Seen Bloodlust

Olivia Cornell was a student on Tepes School for girl along with her younger sister Dorothy. Along with Laura MacFarlane and Amy Goulden, she would sneak out of school to meet with a man posing himself as a vampire. The rendezvous happened at the Tepes Mausoleum, where the man would dose her. And while she was unconscious the man, who was Daniel Irving, took her to a secret hide out where she was used as a blood donor in experiments concerning blood transfusion. When finished Olivia would be taken back to the mausoleum, where she would woke up on rose patels. When Amy Goulden was murdered, Olivia and Laura had to come clean about their visit to detective Murdoch. Both girls were check out by Dr. Ogden, who declared that they weren't used sexually. Soon after Olivia's sister Dorothy was attacked in a much different manner.

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