Mrs. Kitchen
Mrs. Kitchen
Actor Dixie Seatle
Seen "Convalescence"
"Glory Days"
Mentioned "The Green Muse"
Weekend at Murdoch's
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships William Murdoch, tenant

Mrs. Kitchen operates the boarding house where Murdoch lives until his marriage to Julia Ogden.

Mrs. Kitchen is a fine cook, her beef stew is the best Detective Murdoch ever had. (ep.803)

In the Murdoch books, Mrs. Kitchen was Murdoch's housekeeper.

Appearances and Mentions

"The Green Muse" (mention)

Murdoch told Julia that he did not think Mrs. Kitchen allowed her roomers to have guests.


Mrs. Kitchen was taken prisoner by two people who were trying to find gold hidden in her house. She helped Murdoch capture one of the two people, Mrs. Burgess.

"Glory Days"

Mrs. Kitchen has the food laid out for Murdoch's bachelor party and suggests to William that he will not be living in a boarding house after his marriage to Julia.

"Weekend at Murdoch's" (mention)

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