Miles Gorman
Childs play miles gorman
Actor Rick Howland
Seen "Child's Play"
Gender Male
Status Living

Miles Gorman was, for many years, valet to Howard Rookwood. He was dismissed under suspicion of theft when small household items began to go missing. In fact, the thefts were perpetrated by Polly Dunlap.

Gorman witnessed Rookwood murdering his daughter, Eva, and was also aware that Rookwood had sexually abused Eva. He blackmailed Rookwood and was receiving $50 a month until Rookwood was murdered.

Initially, Gorman was a suspect in the murder because his diminutive stature matched footprints found at the scene of the crime. Detective William Murdoch questioned him twice about it. It was eventually uncovered that Rookwood had been murdered by his wife. It is unclear whether Gorman was arrested for his blackmail.

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