Mick O'Shea
Screenshot (79)
Actor Jonathan Llyr
Seen "Murdoch in Ragtime"
"The Death of Dr. Ogden"
"On the Waterfront Part 1"
"On the Waterfront Part 2"
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relationships Tim O'Shea, brother
Job Waterfront Gang member

Mick O'Shea is the brother of Tim O'Shea and a gang leader, who runs the docks in Toronto. He assaults Brackenreid with his brother to emphasize the point that he shouldn't mess with them. At least three months later, he and his brother are suspects in murders similar to the way Brackenreid was beaten. He and his brother were later killed by their employer in an attempt to frame Brackenreid and make it look like he had killed them in retaliation for their assault on him.