Michelle Ricci
Michelle Ricci 2
Credits Hades Hath No Fury
Bend It Like Brackenreid
From Buffalo With Love
Pipe Dreamzzz
Summer of '75
Election Day
The Devil Wears Whalebone
The Murdoch Effect
Nightmare on Queen Street
Occupation Writer
IMDb Michelle Ricci

Michelle Ricci is a Canadian writer. She wrote fourteen episodes of Murdoch Mysteries (2012 - 2017) and also wrote the webseries, The Murdoch Effect and Nightmare on Queen Street. Ricci also worked as a production assistant on Smallville.

Michelle is a graduate of the Canadian Film Centre Primetime TV Writing program.

Her credits also include being Murdoch Mysteries' Co-Producer for Season 8, Executive Story Editor for Season 7 (2013-14), and Story Editor for Season 5 and Season 6 (2012-14) and member of the MM Writers' Room.

Michelle Ricci with Mir Bahmanyar are authors of Investigating Murdoch Mysteries: Official Series Companion Book (2015)

Before Season 11 aired, Michelle Ricci departed Murdoch Mysteries, along with Carol Hay, to create Frankie Drake Mysteries for CBC.


The Murdoch Effect

Nightmare on Queen Street

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