Maureen Jennings
Maureen Jennings
Credits "Staircase to Heaven"
"The Ghost of Queen's Park"
"Victoria Cross"
"The Missing"
Occupation Canadian Author
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Maureen Jennings is the author of the 8 novels about William Murdoch upon which the series is based. She also is co-author of Investigating Murdoch Mysteries (2015) The Official TV Series Companion Book Seasons 1-8.

In 2017, Canada's premiere author of historical fiction returns with a new Murdoch Mystery Let Darkness Bury the Dead, with an older and wiser Detective Murdoch.


Born in Birmingham, United Kingdom in 1939. She lives in Toronto with her husband, and has been the Author of the Christine Morris Books and the Tom Tyler Books. She has also written the non-fiction The Map of Your Mind: Journeys Into Creative Expression (2001)

Along with being the creator, creative consultant and script writer on the Murdoch Mysteries Movies and TV Series she has also worked on Bomb Girls.

For more information please visit her website


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