Mary Murdoch
Let loose 11
Actor Taryn Ash
Seen "Let Loose the Dogs"
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Relationships Harry Murdoch (husband)
William Murdoch (son)
Albert Murdoch, son
Susannah Murdoch, daughter
Aunt Weldon, sister

Mary Murdoch was married to Harry Murdoch. Together, they had two sons, Albert Murdoch and William, and a daughter, Susannah.


Mary died on March 12, 1873 when William was 13 and living in Nova Scotia. Harry came home drunk one evening and was angry because William had made a mess of the firewood pile. Mary defended William against Harry. In so doing, she tripped and hit her head against the hearth suffering a concussion. Later, the concussion caused a spell of dizziness and she fell into the water and drowned ("Let Loose the Dogs"). Young William later found her body with butterflies on her, and developed a phobia of butterflies because they were a reminder of his mother's death. ("Murdochophobia")

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