Llewllyn Francis
Dr Francis
Actor Paul Rhys
Seen All Tattered and Torn
Downstairs, Upstairs
Gender Male
Status Living
Relationships Unnamed wife
Job Pathologist

Dr. Llewllyn Francis is a pathologist from Scotland Yard hired to replace Dr. Julia Ogden in Season 4, who shows considerable lack of interest in new techniques.

Appearances and Mentions

All Tattered and Torn

  • Dr. Francis and Murdoch often disagree, and don't seem to get along well due to their vastly different views.


Downstairs, Upstairs

  • Dr. Francis gave up his 15 year career at Scotland Yard to move to Toronto, making his Canadian wife happy, which he realizes was a mistake.
  • When Murdoch and Dr. Ogden are discovered in the City Morgue working on the victim, the irate Dr. Francis assesses the conspiring pair with acute clarity that would have any other couple re-examine their true motives. Dr. Ogden insists she doesn’t want to return to the morgue to which Dr. Francis replies, “I’ve no doubt you believe that, but we belong where we belong,” and Dr. Francis resigns.

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