Levi Beecher
Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 11.43.56 PM
Actor Jonathan Potts
Seen The Green Muse
Gender Male
Status Living; arrested
Relationships Cora Deveraux, former lover
Job Temperance activist
Levi Beecher was a temperance activist and murderer.


Mr. Beecher heavily disapproved of Ettie Weston's bordello and shared an antagonistic relationship with her. He attempted to spread his views on temperance, however, when Cora Deveraux arrived he feared she'd expose their former relationship.

Desperate to protect his reputation and his work, Mr. Beecher threw a fire bomb in the house and killed Cora after she was drugged by Paul Wilson's wine. Afterwards, the bordello closed, and Levi was confronted by Ettie who blamed him for their misfortune, as now the girls were homeless with no possessions.

When Murdoch figures out one of the inflammatory substances was a chemical known to be in printing presses, he arrests Levi. He freely admits to everything.

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