Laurie Lynd
Laurie Lynd
Credits Big Murderer on Campus
I, Murdoch
The Murdoch Identity
Victor, Victorian'
Dead End Street
Murdoch of the Klondike
War on Terror
Crime and Punishment
The Murdoch Trap
Murdoch Ahoy
Tour de Murdoch
On the Waterfront Part 1
On the Waterfront Part 2
Barenaked Ladies
The Local Option
The Murdoch Effect
Nightmare on Queen Street
Occupation Director
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Laurie Lynd is a DGC and Genie award winning Canadian writer/director. He is perhaps best known as the director of the film, Breakfast With Scot. Scot is being distributed by Mongrel Media in Canada, Seville internationally, and by Regent Releasing/Here Films in the U.S. Breakfast With Scot won the 2008 DGC award for Best Family Feature.

Lynd has also directed episodes of Queer as Folk, Degrassi: The Next Generation and Ghostly Encounters. Lynd directed nine episodes of Murdoch Mysteries. He also directed the webseries, The Murdoch Effect and Nightmare on Queen Street.

Lynd's recent television work includes directing the BBC mini-series I Was A Rat, starring Academy Award Winner Brenda Fricker and Tom Conti, which was selected as the opening night film for the Sprockets International Children's Film Festival, winning the YTV Silver Sprocket award as well as Best Children's Program at the BANFF International Television Festival.


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