Lady Minerva
Lady Minerva
Actor Lally Cadeau
Seen "Blood and Circuses"
Gender Female
Status Living
Job Fortune Teller

Lady Minerva was a performer in a circus in which the animal tamer, Kitty was killed by a tiger.


When questioned by William Murdoch, she only relied on her tarot cards, which revealed things about Murdoch himself. Soon, her cards start foretelling a person's death, which the next morning turned out to be Count Leoline. The Death card came up again as Jake the Magician was accidentally killed, having swallowed the switchblade used to kill Kitty and Leoline. When Murdoch suspected that Ivy was the murderer and that she was part of Leoline's previous circle with the Ringling Brothers, he also learned that Minerva was once with them. He questioned Minerva again, asking if Ivy was part of the Ringling Brothers circus. She admitted that Ivy wasn't and passed the Queen of Swords card. Murdoch later unmasked Ivy's former identity as Liz the Queen of Swords.

With the case closed, Minerva tells Murdoch first that the woman he wanted to be in his life would not be and later that she would be if he did something extraordinary.