Jimmy McLeod
Jimmy McLeod
Actor Nathaniel Arcand
Seen "Werewolves"
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Tracker

Jimmy McLeod is an Ojibwan tracker who worked at the stables in Station House Four. An aspiring constable, he was shunned from the force due to his ethnicity. In "Werewolves", after reports that a wolf has mauled a banker, Thomas Brackenreid enlists his services to help find the wolf and its possible master.

While he is tracking, he is paired with Constable George Crabtree, to whom he confesses his ambitions. Crabtree attempts to have Brackenreid hire him, who refuses as he is aware hiring a Native Indian is against regulations. After being relieved of his duties, Crabtree recommends McLeod to the Pinkerton Detective Agency so that he may pursue his dream.