Jeffrey Roundhill
Jeffrey Roundhill
Actor John Corbett
Seen Unfinished Business
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relationships Evelyn Roundhill, dead wife
Job Businessman
Jeffrey Roundhill was a businessman.


Unfinished Business

  • While hospitalized in Montreal, he shared a room with Victor Johnston. Together they hatched a plot where they killed the other's wife (though technically Amelia Thompson was Raymond's wife).
  • Subsequently, Jeffrey hit Amelia, attempted to strangle her barehanded, then suffocated her with a scarf. Victor fulfilled his part of the deal and murdered Jeffrey's wife. Both men escaped justice and continued to lead their lives.
  • Eight years later, Jeffrey was dying from neurosyphilis. Confessing before his death to the crime, he died soon after, launching Murdoch's investigation. He tells Murdoch where his wife's body is to be found and reveals details of the murder of Amelia Johnston, hence reopen two cold cases, which lead to the arrest of Victor Johnston.

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