Jacqueline Chiasson
Actor Cristina Rosato
Seen Monsieur Murdoch
Gender Female
Status Living; arrested
Relationships Roderick Dalewood, husband
Jacqueline Chiasson aka "Sophie," was a murderer and liar who fled France for a new life.


Jacqueline had met the real Sophie on the boat to Canada, and befriended her. Learning about her arranged marriage, she schemed to take Sophie's place in her "perfect" life.

Once the boat reached Montreal, Jacqueline murdered Sophie, strangling her and dumping her body in a steamer trunk. She then burnt Sophie's face with sulfuric acid so she wouldn't be recognized.

However, her whole scheme risked failure when Sophie's real sister, Monique, came to visit. Realizing Monique would expose her, Jacqueline kidnapped Monique and had another woman pose as her. She then carefully pinned the blame of her next murder on Roderick, killing Monique in the same fashion she killed her sister, then arranging for the fake Monique to "disappear."

Pretending to be Sophie throughout the police investigation, Jacqueline was found out and confronted. When Murdoch told her that her confession could spare her the noose, she admitted to everything. She kept David Bishop away from the hotel to make sure he couldn't identify the real Monique, and had felt sorry for the girl...but had told them it wasn't as if Monique was her real sister.

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