Jacob Doyle
Jacob Doyle
Actor Allan Hawco
Seen Republic of Murdoch
Gender Male
Status Alive

Jacob Doyle is a man who lived in early 20th century Newfoundland.


Jacob Doyle first appears running away as Crabtree struggles to chase him. The officer caught up to him, but in return he beamed Crabtree with a 2x4 wooden plank, getting away.
As Crabtree returns to the crime scene, it's revealed that the man he was chasing was a murder suspect in a brutal homicide.
After tasting rum from the victim's briefcase, Crabtree is able to deduce both victim and suspect were from Newfoundland, pointing out their accents and the rum as proof. A composite sketch of Jacob was made, and soon, Constable Jackson brought back news that the man had boarded a train to Nova Scotia.
Jacob Doyle later appears to Murdoch's rescue after he attempts to question the West Bay Farrellys about Ezekiel Farrelly. After they proceed to have a small altercation, Jacob and Murdoch hop on his bike and speed away.


  • He is an ancestor of Jake Doyle who lives in Newfoundland in the early 21st century.