Iris Bajjali
Actor Athena Karkanis
Seen "Evil Eye of Egypt"
"Murdoch and the Temple of Death"
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Job Archaeologist

Iris Bajjali is a Doctor of Archaeology, an Egyptologist, who first appears in Evil Eye of Egypt, in Season 5. She was part of an archaeological dig in Egypt which found a mummy which is exhibited in Toronto as "The Unknown Princess".

William and Iris have a budding intellectual attraction. As Inspector Brackenreid says to Murdoch, "You aren't always the most circumspect when an attractive intelligent woman is involved."

At the end of the episode, she moves on to Chicago with the exhibit. She returns to Toronto in Season 8

While trying to escape from William with the Holy Grail, Iris meets her demise in Murdoch and the Temple of Death by a lightning strike during a rainstorm.