House of Heloise
House of Heloise
Location Toronto, Canada
Appearance The Devil Wears Whalebone
The House of Heloise is an establishment that showcases corsets for clients to attend to. It was very well known for its models but had to close down due to a murder that happened there.

Former Staff


  • Heloise Kramp - a strict, mean, stubborn woman who would do what it takes to make her business successful, even if it meant making her models go through harsh exercises to maintain their perfect figure.


  • Isabelle Young - a newer model who was favoured by Heloise, and clients.
  • Nicolette Green - despised how Isabelle had more attention than her. Was found guilty of murdering Isabelle.
  • Charlotte Tennant - a model who loves to gossip about other people. Used to be a seamstress but becomes a model as she was not good at sewing.
  • Lillian Moss - wanted to be an engineer but was ejected from home and cut financially by her family because she refused to marry in an arrange marriage to a suitor. She left university to find a job and became a model for Heloise. She was fed up of how Heloise treated her models like cattle and stood up to her. She was fired and became a member of the women's suffrage.


  • Eunice Parks - builds corsets designed by Heloise

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